PUNCH: 20 C Sculpture & Works on Paper


Akio Takamori Cat eating Duck 1980s Ceramic Sculpture   Akio Takamori Couple c1990 Sculpture   Betty Feves   Betty Feves Torso Sculpture c1955   Dudley Carter Banana Leaf, Giraffe, Gazelle, Tropical Bird 1951 61.5 inch tall Mahogany Wall Sculpture   Dudley Carter   Dudley Carter Pr Wolf Heads Wall Hanging Sculpture   -Dudley Pratt Hand-in-Hand Sculpture 1962 14 inch Pewter   Eustace Paul Ziegler   Eustace Ziegler Packtrain c1935 Etching 2   Eustace Ziegler Tanana Native, Child & Husky c1930s 6.5x5   George Tsutakawa   Howard Kottler Fabric Torso Vase c1967   Lionel Pries Mountain Railroad Stop 1:4 Etching   Paul Gustin Deception Pass 1928 Pencil Drawing   Paul Morgan Gustin   Paul Gustin Seattle Waterfront 1927 Etching   GUSTINSTMARYS   Paul Gustin   Roy Partridge 1915 Cascade Mountain Tree Etching   Rudy Autio   Rudy Autio   Zama Vanessa Helder   Z Vanessa Helder Day Lily c1940 Watercolor   James Washington Jr. Young Falcon   James W Washington Jr Grouse with Covey 1974 6x6x6 Stone Sculpture on Wood Base

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