Fall Selections & Recent Acquisitions



CC McKim Patton Creek, Oregon Autumn 1920s 20x26 oil on canvas  Clyde Leon Keller  Edward Hill  Edward Rufus Hill  William Merritt Post  EdmondJamesFitzgeraldNewMexicoMexicanAmericanWarMuralStudy193617x40oilonmasonite  Alaska Early Winter Sunrise 1930s white-line Woodblock Collection  Spring Cleanup  Night Shift at Ester Dredge  Autumn and Mt McKinley  Helen Loggie  Doel Reed  Tanana Native, Child & Husky c1930s 6.5x5  Lumber Jacks Yarding 1940 5x7  U.S. Destroyer 1943 4x7  Eustace Paul Ziegler  Surprise Port c1939 8x5.5  Eustace Ziegler  Edmond James Fitzgerald  Edgar Forkner  Edward Rufus Hill  Mark Tobey

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