Gallery Services

J. Franklin Fine Art, Inc. offers a full range of professional art services. These services are based on a respect for the custodial responsibilities inherent to the ownership of fine art, while keeping in mind that collecting fine art is to be enjoyed.

Collecting art is a very personal experience. By keeping our clients' long-term collecting interests in mind, we can nurture a life-long passion for art together. We work closely with beginning and advanced collectors alike, and tailor our services to each collector’s specific needs. Rest assured that all client relationships are kept strictly confidential.

General information and initial consultations are always offered free of charge.

Acquisitions / Sales

Appraisals / Authentication

Auction Representation / Global Art Search

Collection Management

  • Collection Advice/Focus
  • Consignment/Brokerage/Outright-Purchase
  • Fine Art Packing/Shipping
  • Insurance/Estate Planning
  • Sales/Purchase Advice
  • Upgrade/Liquidate/Reevaluate Collection Emphasis

Curatorial Services

  • Cataloging Collection
  • Collection Installation/Lighting/Storage/Care & Handling Advice
  • Conservation/Restoration
  • Custom Antique/Hand-Carved Period Reproduction Framing
  • Historical/Market Research
  • Photographic Services