Harry Bonath Industrial 51 x 36 Oil on canvas Original frame Northwest Annual Exhibit   Clyde Leon Keller Field of Gold 1930 18x24 Oil on canvasboard Period Newcomb-Macklin frame Oregon State Fair Exhibit   Banks   James W Washington Jr 1965   Guy Anderson Haida Fishing Grounds 1963 15 1/2 x 34 1/2 Oil on Plywood Custom EL Uiti Frame   CCMcKIM2 copy   Edgar-Forkner-Golden-Sail-BallardSeattle-22-x-28-Oil-on-Artist-Board-1928-Hoosier-Salon-Exhibit   William S Parrott Mt Hood c 1875 10x12 Oil on board Original gold gilt gesso frame   Eustice Ziegler Stanwood-Camano Fishing Village c1935 14x24 oil on board original Jensen frame   Zama Vanessa Helder   Jacob Elshin Smith cove 1934 29x38 Oil on canvas Original modernist frame   Margaret Tompkins Anchorage (Sn Juan Island) 1964 34x54 Oil on canvas original frame   Morris Graves Rising Moon or Moon and the Sea 1941 27x12 1:4 Tempera on Paper Custom frame EL Viti Style Multi Major Museum Exhibit for Biggest Graves Show   Paul Gustin Mt Rainier c 1925 32 x 40 Oil on Canvas Period Newcomb-Macklin frame   Sydney Laurence Cache at Sunset c 1923 16 x 12 Oil on canvas Original Schneider and custom frame   Robert Sperry 1989   Sydney Laurence Mt McKinley Rapids of the Tokacheetna 20 x 15 Oil on canvas Period Newcomb-Macklin

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