Spring Selections & Recent Acquisitions




Leon Derbyshire 5th & Jefferson Seattle c1930s-40s 16 x 20 Oil on canvas   Arthur Hill Gilbert   EmileGruppeSunOnGloucesterDocks   Sydney Laurence noframe Mt McKinley & Susitna Valley c1930 24 x 20 Oil on masonite   Theodore Wores Granada Garden Path 1903 30 x 12 Oil on canvas   Emile-Gruppe-FoggyGloucesterHarbor   -Dudley Pratt Hand-in-Hand Sculpture 1962 14 inch Pewter   Gaylen Hansen Dog & Cat Fight 1993 30 x 40 Oil on paper   -George Tsutakawa Group Health Maquette Sculpture 1971 12 inch Bronze   -George Ahgupuk   Jean Bradbury Moths to Moose 2010 40 x 24 Oil on panel   Robert Sperry   Gaylen Hansen September Hatch 1988 61 x 72 Oil on canvas   *Tsutomu Hiroi Kite Model Sculpture 1979 7 3:4 Aluminum   George Ahgupuk Eskimo Returning from Seal Hunt c1950 8 x 10 Ink on seal skin





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