COLORS OF SUMMER…and beyond…


-Anna Hills Laguna Beach Eucalyptus Cottage c1918 14x18 oil   -Dee Oldham Joesting Fairbanks Alaska Wilderness c1930s-40s 18x23 watercolor   -Edgar Forkner  Floral Bouquet c1930 20x23 watercolor   -Edgar Forkner Ballard Dock 14x18 oil   -Edgar Forkner Gas Works Lake Union 14x18 oil   -Edgar Forkner On The Canal (Ballard Bridge) c1928 28x22 oil   -Edgar Forkner Seattle Dry Dock 14x18 oil   -Franz Zallinger Cascade Mountain Lake c1930s 24x30 oil   -Paul Grimm Desert Expanse 1947 18x24 oil   George Tsutakawa   James Washington Jr. Young Falcon   -Kenneth Callahan Turgid Plain c1969 28x44 oil   Morris Graves   -Robert Clunie Crowley Lake from Hilton Creek Oct 1953 23x28 oil   -Zama Vanessa Helder Putney Vermont c1940 15x20 watercolor

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