Jay & Heather Franklin Private Collection of Pacific Northwest Art 1875-1975

The current exhibit represents the ‘Best and Brightest’ examples of the Jay & Heather Franklin Collection of Pacific Northwest Art. This February will represent the 20th year of J. Franklin Fine Art, Inc. being in business & also represents the Beginnings of this Collection. The Collection encompasses many examples by the top artists of Washington, Oregon & Alaska 1875-1975, but, for the purpose of this exhibit will focus on only the top examples of each artist contained in the collection….or, at least, OUR favorite pieces, as TASTE is discretionary, and opinion is inherently involved in art collecting. This Collection focuses on quality over size & quantity of works by single artists…We focus on the Impressionist & Modern painters from the early to mid 20th Century from our region. Please ask about other works by each of the NW top artists, as we have multiple top examples of each in many cases that hang on our walls at home. The majority of items are being offered for sale for the first time publicly. From Alaska, we have multiple examples by Laurence & Ziegler. From Oregon, several CC McKims & Kellers. From Washington, we have several Forkner, Graves, Gustin, & Helder pieces. Also,there’s one wonderful picture from my mother’s native Idaho…a rare Frederic Remington with a Northwest subject! The depicted pieces that we’ve chosen are only Heather & I’s consensus on the top pieces in the collection…In short, these are our OUR FAVORITES, after many years of looking at them on OUR WALLS. In our opinion, these paintings are better-than-museum-quality, if that makes any sense. We have exceptional collections of mid 20th C Northwest Studio Pottery, Sculpture, Photographs & Prints, as well….But we’ll leave that for another day, and concentrate on the original WALL ART, for the purpose of this exhibit! These are OUR BEST paintings (REALLY!!!), Jay & Heather Franklin

“Over the last twenty years, first as Jay’s little brother and now as the curator of one of New England’s premier regional museums, I have witnessed the development of the market and scholarly interest in historic art from the Pacific Northwest. From both a personal and professional perspective I can say without reservation that this is truly the best of the best of this material on the market today.”

Jamie Franklin, Curator

Bennington Museum

Bennington, Vermont

Please feel free to request a Jay & Heather Franklin Private Collection…


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