Jay & Heather Franklin Private Collection of Pacific Northwest Art 1875-1975


The current exhibit represents the ‘Best and Brightest’ examples of the Jay & Heather Franklin Collection of Pacific Northwest Art.  This February will represent the 20th year of J. Franklin Fine Art, Inc. being in business & also represents the Beginnings of this Collection.  The Collection encompasses many examples by the top artists of Washington, Oregon & Alaska 1875-1975, but, for the purpose of this exhibit will focus on only the top examples of each artist contained in the collection….or, at least, OUR favorite pieces, as TASTE is discretionary, and opinion is inherently involved in art collecting.  This Collection focuses on quality over size & quantity of works by single artists…We focus on the Impressionist & Modern painters from the early to mid 20th Century from our region.  Please ask about other works by each of the NW top artists, as we have multiple top examples of each in many cases that hang on our walls at home.   The majority of items are being offered for sale for the first time publicly. From Alaska, we have multiple examples by Laurence & Ziegler.  From Oregon, several CC McKims & Kellers.  From Washington, we have several Forkner, Graves, Gustin, & Helder pieces.  Also,there’s one wonderful picture from my mother’s native Idaho…a rare Frederic Remington with a Northwest subject!  The depicted pieces that we’ve chosen are only Heather & I’s consensus on the top pieces in the collection…In short, these are our OUR FAVORITES, after many years of looking at them on OUR WALLS.  In our opinion, these paintings are better-than-museum-quality, if that makes any sense.    We have exceptional collections of mid 20th C Northwest Studio Pottery, Sculpture, Photographs & Prints, as well….But we’ll leave that for another day, and concentrate on the original WALL ART, for the purpose of this exhibit!   These are OUR BEST paintings (REALLY!!!), Jay & Heather Franklin


“Over the last twenty years, first as Jay’s little brother and now as the curator of one of New England’s premier regional museums, I have witnessed the development of the market and scholarly interest in historic art from the Pacific Northwest. From both a personal and professional perspective I can say without reservation that this is truly the best of the best of this material on the market today.”

Jamie Franklin, Curator

Bennington Museum

Bennington, Vermont



Andrew Vincent Scott Lake Oregon Cascades 1945 20 x 26 Oil on canvas Original painted artist frame   Bill Cumming Holding the Cow 1975 14 1:2 x 12 Tempera on board Custom EL Uili style frame   Carl Morris Red Orange Green Blue Abstraction 1959 30x40 oil on canvas original frame   CC McKim Campfire Along Sandy River c1918 18x14 oil on board:stretched canvas period frame   Clyde Leon Keller Field of Gold 1930 18x24 Oil on canvasboard Period Newcomb-Macklin frame Oregon State Fair Exhibit   Conrad Pedersen Narcissus by Window c 1915 9x10 Oil on board Custom EL Jnsen style pannel frame   Edgar Forkner Pike Street Market   Edgar Forkner The Golden Sail Ballard Bridge Seattle 1928 Oil on canvas Original Newcomb-Macklin frame The Herbert Griffiths Prize at the Hoosier Salon   Edmond Fitzgerald Arch Cape Oregon Coast 1946 18 x 24 Oil on board Period Jensen Frame   Eustice Ziegler Stanwood-Camano Fishing Village c1935 14x24 oil on board original Jensen frame   Eustice Ziegler The Cache c1935 10x10 Oil on board Original Jensen frame   Floyd Wilson   Francis Celetano lot 12 1973 59 1:2 x 7 1:2 Acrylic on Maogony Pannel Original custom metal frame   Frederic S. Remington Beaver Dick A Guide at Pierre’s Hole Wyoming 1898 13 3:4 x 7 5:8 Watercolor & pen Custom black stained nocturne frame   Guy Anderson Haida Fishing Grounds 1963 15 1/2 x 34 1/2 Oil on Plywood Custom EL Uiti Frame   Harry Bonath Industrial 51 x 36 Oil on canvas Original frame Northwest Annual Exhibit   Helen Rhodes Pike Street Market 1927 11 1:2 x 14 Gouache Seattle Fine Arts Society exhibit label   Jacob Elshin Smith cove 1934 29x38 Oil on canvas Original modernist frame   Karl Feurer   Cathleen Gemberling Captive Sky 1962 60x50 Oil on canvas Original frame   Kenneth Callahan Flux 1969 8 x 16 Tempera and Oil Original reverse double pannel frame   Leon Dervyshire Geranium Glow c1940 30x25 Oil on canvas custon modernist frame   Louise Gilbert Self Portrait 1935s 24 x 20 Oil on board period carved:gilt Jensen frame   Margaret Camfferman   Margaret Tompkins Anchorage (Sn Juan Island) 1964 34x54 Oil on canvas original frame   Mark Tobey Red - Orange Abstraction c 1965 6x4 Tempera Contemporary black frame   Morris Graves Rising Moon or Moon and the Sea 1941 27x12 1:4 Tempera on Paper Custom frame EL Viti Style Multi Major Museum Exhibit for Biggest Graves Show   Paul Gustin Mt Rainier c 1925 32 x 40 Oil on Canvas Period Newcomb-Macklin frame   Paul Horiuchi Red and Black Spot 1962 14x16 Collage Custom EL Uiti style frame   Peter Camfferman Whidby Island Shoreline c 1930 26 x 30 Oil on board - double sided   Peter Sheffers Upper Deschutes Near Lepine, Or. c194016x20 Oil on canvas period Jensen frame   Ray Hill Lake Chelan c1940s-50s 14 x 20  Watercolor Period Arts and Crafts frame   Richard Gilkey Apple and Chalice 1954 12 1:2 x 10 1:2 oil on canvas:masonite custom EL Viti style frame   Ross Gill West Wind San Juan Island c 1935 12 x 16 Tempera Period Jensen frame   Sydney Laurence Cache at Sunset c 1923 16 x 12 Oil on canvas Original Schneider and custom frame   Sydney Laurence Mt McKinley Rapids of the Tokacheetna 20 x 15 Oil on canvas Period Newcomb-Macklin   Virginia Banks Haida of the Pacific 1949 38x28 oil on canvas original frame Whitney Museum Exhibit   Virginia Banks Orchard c 1950 8x24 Casein on masonite Original reverse pannel frame   William S Parrott Mt Hood c 1875 10x12 Oil on board Original gold gilt gesso frame   Yuvone Twining Humber The Circus c 1940 8x10 Oil on board Period modernist pannel frame   Z Vanessa Helder Road to Beaverly c1940 163:4 x 21 Water Color Custom EL white gold modernist reversed cove frame1   Z Vanessa Helder Sea Shells - Blue and Gold c 194215x20 Watercolor Custom EL white gold modernist reversed cove frame1


Please feel free to request a Jay & Heather Franklin Private Collection…








  1. kerry c. anderson says

    I own an Elshin…totally NW school zen mystic,theme:little sparrows gathered about the ground ;frame and all 15″x25″.signed watercolor in original frame.I believe he owned a frame shop in the u distrist(seattle).looks like hand made paper before the notion of such became so trendy.I never intended to sell it and came by it through a set of fortuitous circumstances.however I want to buy a certain oriental rug and my wall space is already cluttered.
    I would be willing to part with it to some agent who simply wanted to double their money.serious offers will be considered and photographs will be available upon request. this is the first feeler I’ve put out .Thank you.

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