August 24, 2022

Charles C McKim


Charles C McKim (1862 Bristol, ME - 1939 Portland, OR) Old Barn & Farm Buildings c.1915, Pair of 9 x 12 charcoal/paper drawings 

Charles C. McKim was born in Maine in 1862, yet spent the last thirty years of his career in Oregon where he is best known. McKim studied in Boston and New York, and painted coastal scenes and landscapes in Maine for the most part. He arrived in Portland, Oregon, in 1911 an accomplished plein air Impressionist.  

A painter of impressionist landscapes and both, Atlantic and Pacific coastal scenes, he received his art education in Boston, subsequently opening a studio in Portland, Maine.  A member of the Brushians, he had the nickname "the watercolorist" because of his then preference for this medium.McKim relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1911, where he opened another studio. He became active in several art organizations and wrote a column for the Spectator publications.

The work of Charles McKim is at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

He immediately became an active part of the Oregon art scene creating rural landscapes, snowscapes, seascapes, and scenes along the Columbia River Gorge. He exhibited frequently and found a ready market for his oils and watercolors. McKim also taught painting and wrote articles on art for local publications. He died in Portland, Oregon in 1939.

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